Friday, November 10th

Announcement 1: There are still a few people who haven’t sent me their first three choices for the Lit Journal Exploration Project! If you’re one of these people, please send me your choices by the end of the weekend.

Announcement 2: Group Three’s poems (up to two, no more than two pages long each) are due today by 5 PM. Those in Group Three should upload their poems to the discussion board by that time. Group Three includes:

  • Katie Bartmess
  • Brian Conner
  • Dernae Malone
  • Haley Windsor

Friday, November 10th

  • No class today due to Veteran’s Day!

Homework for Monday, November 13th

  • Read: You peers’ workshop poems!
  • Write: Workshop starts on Monday! Make sure that you thoroughly read the poems in group one and write both margin comments (both what you thought was working and what you thought wasn’t) and about 6 – 10 sentences of summative commentary at the end of the story. Refer to the question in your workshop handout frequently!



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