Wednesday, October 11th

Wednesday October 11th

– I gave you a few minutes to brainstorm the detail question for today, which was “what is poetry to you.” Everyone had really great answers, and we talked about the relationship between poetry and emotion
– We read the poem of the day, which was “How to be a Poet” by Wendell Berry
– We went over the quadrant for the four poetic temperaments and discussed an example for each one. (The article and the example poems we talked about today are linked under the “resources page.)
– You freewrote for a few minutes about which of the four temperaments you think comes most naturally to you

Homework for Friday, October 13th

  • Read: Greg Orr’s short essay “The Making of Poems
  • Read: Greg Orr’s poem “Gathering the Bones Together
  • Find: Print and bring with you to class a poem that’s important to you. (We’ll be sharing these on Friday, so shorter is better). This shouldn’t be a poem we’ve looked at in class!
  • Write a couple of sentence about why the poem is important to you

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