Friday, October 6th

Friday, October 6th

– We read the poem of the day, which was “won’t you celebrate with me” by Lucille Clifton
We decompressed from workshop and talked about what we liked and didn’t like about the process in class and how we can make it better for next time
– We talked about revision and went over the guidelines for the final portfolio
– We discussed revision as a living process that changes depending on who you’re revising your piece for (yourself, a particular group of readers, a publisher etc.)
– Small note! If you were not in class today, please bring a hardcopy of your workshop reflection with you when we return to class on Wednesday

Homework for Wednesday, October 11th

  • Read: Gregory Orr’s excellent essay “On the Four Temperaments of Poetry.” I recognize that it’s a little bit dense, but do read it since it’s foundational to what we’ll be discussing for the next couple of weeks in class. Do your best to understand as much as you can! I’ve tried to link to certain poems and people who might not be familiar to you within the essay. Grasp what you can, and we’ll talk about it in more depth after break

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