Friday, September 22nd


Our next workshop will be held next week, so those of you in Group Three should post their workshop scenes to the Group Three by 5 PM tonight! Group Two includes:

Katie Bartmess
Dernae Malone
Brian Parker
Haley Windsor

Anyone with a scene due should click the create thread button and post their workshop piece as an attachment (.doc and .pdf preferred, so everyone can open the submissions!)

Friday, September 22nd

– Detail Question: What’s your least favorite kind of weather?
– We read and responded to our Poem of the Day,”Mount Pisgah” by James Kimbrell and used this poem to list some particular elements that make up a setting
– I had you complete a brief writing prompt wherein a college-age character has just gotten accepted into their first-choice school. Your task was to write a scene in which the  setting reflects the emotional landscape of the character upon receiving this news. No direct description of feelings is allowed.
– We discussed your exercises and talked about how sometimes denying yourself something in writing (direct expression for example) and help you stretch creative muscles you didn’t know you had.

Homework for Monday, September 25th

  • Read: You peers’ workshop scenes!
  • Write: Workshop starts next Monday! Make sure that you thoroughly read the stories in group one and write both margin comments (positive and negative!) and about 6 – 10 sentences of summative commentary at the end of the story. Refer to the question in your workshop handout if necessary!

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