Wednesday, September 20th


Our next workshop will be held next week, so those of you in Group Two should post their workshop scenes to the discussion board by 5 PM tonight! Group Two includes:

Rebecca Cole
Amina Adesiji
McKenna Belmont
Sydney Fredrick

Anyone with a scene due should click the create thread button and post their workshop piece as an attachment (.doc and .pdf preferred, so everyone can open the submissions!)

Wednesday, September 20th

– Detail Question: What’s a favorite texture of yours? (this could be a cloth, a food, anything tactile)
– We read and responded to our Poem of the Day,”cruelty. don’t talk to me about cruelty” by Lucille Clifton
– We completed a mock workshop of Micah Hicks’ story “The Man With Strange Luck”
– We answered any burning questions you might have about workshop

Homework for Wednesday, September 20th 

  • Read: Gotham: “Setting and Pacing” pg. 150 – 170
  • Read: You peers’ workshop scenes!
  • Write: Workshop starts next Monday! Make sure that you thoroughly read the stories in group one and write both margin comments (positive and negative!) and about 6 – 10 sentences of summative commentary at the end of the story. Refer to the question in your workshop handout if necessary!

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