Monday, September 18th


Our next workshop will be held next week, so those of you in Group One should post their workshop scenes to the discussion board by 5 PM tonight! Group One includes:

Angie Bolan
Jacob Bott
Ian Sundberg
Peter Diller

Anyone with a scene due should click the create thread button and post their workshop piece as an attachment (.doc and .pdf preferred, so everyone can open the submissions!)

Monday, September 18th

– Detail Question: What’s a tactile feeling that you can’t stand?
– We read and responded to our Poem of the Day,”Letter to the Northern Lights” by Aimee Nezhukumatathil, and y’all had some great insights
– We discussed how to most effectively use point of a view as a tool
– We compared and contrasted some modern uses of first person POV to modern uses of third person POV and discussed the differences therein and what strengths and weaknesses each POV has
– We made a sweet pros and cons list based on this discussion

Homework for Wednesday, September 20th 

  • Read: the short story “The Man with Strange Luck” by Micah Dean Hicks
  • Write: A typed, (double spaced) one-page letter to Micah Hicks (beginning with “Dear Micah”) that offers a thoughtful and honest critique of his story. Give the good and the bad and, as per your workshop handout, be as specific as possible. Remember to focus on craft elements. Ask yourself questions about character consistency, set design, plot structure, dialogue, and point of view. Be specific about what you liked and what you thought could work better.
  • Remember: Those of you with scenes due for our first workshop must post them by 5 PM on the day they’re due!

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