Wednesday, September 13th

Reminder! I’m going to be at a writers’ conference on Friday (9/15) and therefore class will be canceled on that day.

Wednesday, September 13th

– Detail Question: What’s your favorite smell, and what does it remind you of? (Remember that smell is connected to memory and is a useful tool to include in your writing!)
– We read and responded to our Poem of the Day, “The Milihelen” by Matthew Olzmann
– We discussed Atwood’s short story “Happy Endings” and talked how plot requires scale: you need to scale the level of conflict in the scene, story, or novel to how much space you’re working with.
– We also talked about the concept of permission. When you’re writing (especially your workshop scenes!) you don’t necessarily have to write your way into the story. Write what is interesting to you.
– You briefly filled out the Pixar Plot Prompt on your own. Remember, if you need a story idea (no matter how big or small) you can always structure it around this basic idea: “Once upon a time there was ____. Every day, ____. One day, _____. Because of that ____. Because of that, ___. Until finally, ____.

Homework for Monday, September 18th 

  • Read: Gotham: “Point of View: The Full Menu” (pgs. 77 – 103) Read carefully! We’ll discuss this on Monday
  • Write: Write the same brief scene or conversation (only a page or two is fine) twice: once using first person and once in third person. What happens to the scene?

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