Wednesday, September 6th

Current-Events-Related-Announcement: The Westboro Baptist Church will be having some kind of demonstration on campus today around 3 PM. If you feel unsafe for any reason, the UC Safety Ambassadors will walk you across campus. Call 513-446-2968 to make use of this service.

Wednesday September 6th

– Detail Question: What’s a character trait that one of your friends or family members possesses that you wish you had?
– We read and responded to our Poem of the Day, “Accidental Blues Voice” by Anna Journey
– We discussed your experiences filling out the character questionnaire and talked about how social media can be a reflection of character
– We talked about how flawed, interesting, human-seeming characters often have conflicting traits (as per Gotham) — no character is just one thing all the time, just like a real human person!
– We began to build a character as a class, using the character questionnaire. Our as-yet-unnamed character’s bio sheet is right here for your perusal! We’ll finish building her on Friday before we talk about dialogue.

Homework for Wednesday, September 6th 

  • Read: Gotham: Chapter 6: “Dialogue: Talking it Up” (pgs. 126 – 149)
  • Read: Bird by Bird “Dialogue” (pgs. 64 – 73)
  • Read: All-dialogue stories “Slurpee Safari” and “Open Me
  • Listen and Record: Eavesdrop on a conversation, or a snippet of one. Could be your roommate talking to someone, could be a stranger in McMicken, or someone you overhear at work. Jot down what they’re saying to the extent you can remember it, but make sure to write down exactly what they say and how they say it. What verbal tics do you notice? How do they talk? Pay special attention to your own speech patterns, too!

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