Friday, September 1st

Friday, September 1st

– Detail Question: What was the name of your (or your friend’s) childhood pet?
– We read and responded to our Poem of the Day, “The Trouble with Lightning” by T. J. Jarrett
– We looked at the scene from The Avengers and the scene from It’s a Wonderful Life and talked about the desires of the characters within these scenes and how they drove the story forward and created conflict both within the scene and within the story as a whole
– We talked about how conflict within characters (and within story in general) is decided by desire. The general way to tell a story is: have a character want something and put an obstacle in the character’s way
– Remember that melodrama (i.e. drama that doesn’t feel real to the world of the story) happens when the character’s goals don’t line up with their desires. When the desires seem unrealistic to what the characters are doing, that makes your story seem less believable. So: the the secret to making a believable character is to give them believable desires
– Since a scene generally takes place in one particular location, we brainstormed some locations on the board and then came up with some conflicts that could be occurring in these scenes, and what kind of characters (and desires) could arise from those conflicts
– You had a couple of minutes to write in your writing journals based on the locations and characters we came up with

Homework for Wednesday, September 6th 

  • Read: Gotham: “Where Characters Come From,” “Getting to Know Them,” “Kinds of Characters,” “Showing and Telling,” “Action,” “Speech,” “Appearance,” “Thought” “A Symphony of Methods,” “Only Relevant Details,” “What’s in a Name?” (pgs. 35 – 51)
  • Write: Fill out the Character Questionnaire (you can do this by copying it down in your journal or c/ping it and filling it out online)
  • Write: A series of blog posts, tweets, or status updates for a character (you don’t actually have to do this on social media; just in a notebook) that describes a conflict in some way. Then write a short, 1-2 page scene that captures that conflict. Set your scene in one of the following places:
  1. A gas station
  2. A 24-hour diner
  3. A high school gymnasium
  4. An aquarium
  5. A cemetery

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