Wednesday, August 30th

Good class today, all! I’m excited for workshop. Thank you to those of your that volunteered to be in our very first workshop group! Here are the groups (all randomized, except for our brave volunteers in group one):

Group One

Angie Bolan
Jacob Bott
Ian Sundberg
Peter Diller

Group Two

Rebecca Cole
Amina Adesiji
McKenna Belmont
Sydney Fredrick

Group Three

Katie Bartmess
Brian Conner
Dernae Malone
Haley Windsor

Group Four

Shannon Burwinkel
Jaida Whitely
Abby Palen
Maggie Schwettman

Group Five

Katie Uckotter
Tay Pursley
Sydney Parker
Michelle Price

Wednesday, August 30th

– Detail Question: What’s one virtual habit (online, texting) that drives you nuts?
– We read and responded to our Poem of the Day, “Mountain Dew Commercial Disguised as a Love Poem” by Matthew Olzmann
– We discussed the guidelines for Fiction Workshop, which will begin on September 25th
– We briefly talked about what a scene is and how to write one effectively. We watched an example scene from the movie Wreck-It Ralph and briefly discussed what its goals were and how it functioned as a unit of story

Homework for Wednesday, August 30th

  • Read: Bird by Bird: “Character” (pgs. 44 -53)
  • Read: Gotham: “A Brief Definition of Fiction” “A Matter of Form,” “Literary and Genre Fiction,” (pgs. 2 – 6), Character: Casting Shadows: “The Beat of Desire,” “Human Complexity,” “The Ability to Change” (pgs. 25 – 35)
  • Watch: Finish the two sample scenes we didn’t get to talk about in class today, one from It’s a Wonderful Life and one from The Avengers
  • Write: in you writing journal, jot down a few notes and reactions to each of these scenes. What’s the conflict of each and how does each scene move the plot forward? What do we learn about the characters from watching these scenes? How are they self-contained units of a story? 

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