Monday August 28th

Monday, August 28th

– Detail Question: What’s the funniest (or worst) bad habit that one of your friends or relatives has? (Bonus points if this friend or family member doesn’t think you know about it!)
– We read and responded to our Poem of the Day, “How to Triumph Like A Girl” by Ada Limón
– We discussed your 100-word stories and talked about the importance of detail and strong, specific language (especially verbs!) when writing in general, but particularly in smaller, confined spaces
– A few of you shared your 100-word stories and we talked about the importance of being specific in your critique (we’ll discuss this further on Wednesday when we talk about workshop in more detail!). Remember that just saying that you liked a story/poem/nonfiction piece isn’t actually that useful. What’s useful is saying specifically what you liked and why. (And/or how, specifically, something could be better!)

Homework for Wednesday, August 30th

  • Read: Bird by Bird: “School Lunches” (pgs 33 – 38), and “Looking Around” (97-102)
  • Read: Gotham: “A Brief Definition of Fiction” “A Matter of Form,” “Literary and Genre Fiction,” (pgs. 2 – 6), “Show Up For Work,” “Don’t Be A Chimp” and “The Big Answer” (pgs. 14 – 24)
  • Write: After reading Lamott’s assignment about school lunches, complete the exercise for yourself. As always, be as detailed as possible. You can focus on packed lunches or bought lunches, just remember to be as focused and descriptive as possible. What did the kind of lunch you ate at school say about you and your life at that time? What did other people’s lunches say about them?

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