Wednesday, August 23rd

Remember to get your course textbooks and, if you haven’t, print out the last page of the course syllabus and turn it in to me ASAP! Here’s what we covered on Wednesday:

Wednesday, August 23rd

– Detail Question: What’s the funniest (or most inconvenient) allergy that you or one of your friends have?
– We read and responded to our Poem of the Day, “This Moment” by Eavan Boland
– We discussed the readings by Hicks, Olzmann, and Biondolillo and particularly discussed the details of these readings. Details are where writing thrives! 
– You got to know each other by briefly interviewing each other and making up lies about each other (two truths and a lie, but in reverse)

Homework for Friday, August 25th 

  • Acquire copies of both books you’ll need for class, Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird and Writing Fiction from the Gotham City Writers Workshop. ISBNs for these books are available via your syllabus! Remember, I’ll be assigning readings from these texts on for Monday, so get those books soon!
  • Read: The following brief craft pieces on nonfiction: “Advice to My Friend Beth’s Creative Nonfiction Undergraduate Students” by Dustin Michael
  • Read: Slightly longer craft essay: “What and So What: Loyalties” by Peggy Schumaker
  • Read: In Orbit” by Brenda Miller
  • Write: In your writing journal you can either: 1) Continue to develop your childhood memory that you began to work on before. Add details as many thoughtful (and hopefully strange) details as you can! Or 2) You can write about an experience you’ve had in which a large group of people are sharing the same experience. You can use the recent eclipse as an example here, or a concert, or use Brenda Miller’s “In Orbit” (also about a celestial phenomenon) as a model, but another shared experience (a holiday, for example) would work, as well. Remember to focus, specifically, on the details, as per our craft essays this week. Tell the truth!

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