Welcome to Intro to Creative Writing!

Welcome, dear writers, to English 2010, Introduction to Creative Writing!

I’m very excited to have this opportunity to help you grow in your writing and learn how to become better literary citizens. On this blog, which we’ll be using all semester long, you’ll find your homework assignments, writing prompts, extra readings, and brief recaps of what we did in class. Here’s what we covered on

Monday, August 21st

– Introductions
– Discussion of the course syllabus
– We completed our first Detail Question: Why do you you write? (And by extension, why are you in this class?)
– We read and responded to our very first Poem of the Day, “Song” by Brigit Pegeen Kelly

Homework for Wednesday, August 23rd

  • Acquire copies of both books you’ll need for class, Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird and Writing Fiction from the Gotham City Writers Workshop. ISBNs for these books are available via your syllabus! You’ll also need to get a writing journal, which should be dedicated specifically to this class and can be a blank notebook or a Moleskine-type notebook, or a journal. Anything you’re comfortable with, so long as it begins with blank pages and is dedicated specifically for this class!
  • Prove that you visited the blog by emailing Miss Cole (coleer@mail.uc.edu) with the name of your favorite poet or author
  • Print the last page of the course syllabus, fill it out, and bring it with you to class tomorrow
  • Read: The following brief nonfiction pieces:
  • Lost Ones” by Micah Dean Hicks
  • “Elegy with Ghosts, A Burning City, and Many Special Effects” by Matthew Olzmann
  • Necrologies: Mothers and Fathers” by Chelsea Biondolillio
  • Write: In your writing journal, write out a childhood memory and focus on its details. What was the weather like? What specific sounds and smells  and textures come to mind? What color was everything? (About half a page should be sufficient for this, but you are always welcome to write more)

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